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Agricola Bellaria always tries to establish exactly the best harvest period to obtain the right balance between acidity and alcohol of the wine. In the case of Oltre, the most suitable period was identified in the month of October.

Currently the production of the Greco di Tufo of Agricola Bellaria is equal to 10,000 bottles of Greco di Tufo Oltre, but thanks to new vineyards owned by 2022 the production will increase to about 20,000 bottles.

The winemaking process begins with the identification of a production area on which Agricola Bellaria achieves a production reduction from 100 quintals of grapes per hectare, the standard production required by the specification, to 60/70 quintals per hectare. A precise choice made by the company to guarantee only the highest quality wine.

The identified area is that of Prato di Principato Ultra (AV) in the Vadiaperti area and Montefusco in the Marotta area, two of the only eight municipalities in Irpinia authorized for the production of Greco di Tufo. A well-defined area, which is part of a project for the integrated struggle promoted by the region itself. A concrete commitment to avoid the pollution of groundwater in certain areas. Agricola Bellaria, which has always been attentive to maintaining the natural balance of the territory, adheres to the project by using pesticide products to a minimum and avoiding weeding.

In the identified areas, a manual harvest is carried out in three different periods, to obtain different qualities of grapes. Once in the cellar, the wine is transferred via a conveyor belt to an automatic press which exerts a super soft pressing to preserve the integrity of the grape and to keep its characteristics unaltered. The product is then pushed into a stainless steel tank where the must is separated from the solid substances to obtain a clean fermentation, without any subsequent hitch. Selected high quality yeasts are then added, i.e. varietal yeasts that work on the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, increasing and enhancing them, without altering them. From the 2021 vintage a small percentage is aged in new French oak barriques.

The fermentation temperature is always controlled and Agricola Bellaria has chosen to keep it very low, between 12-13 °, the limit temperature for the survival of the yeasts. It is a precise choice made to guarantee the maintenance of all the aromatic substances. Conversely, if the temperature were higher, the aromatic substances would disperse in the air without allowing the wine to retain them.

At the end of the fermentation, the wine produced is transferred to three different tanks in each of which a different yeast is used. In each tank the wine develops its own and particular characteristics. Once the wines from the different tanks are combined in a single blend, a blend is obtained characterized by an exclusive aromatic bouquet that embellishes the Beyond even more. It is precisely this particular, accurate and exclusive process implemented by Agricola Bellaria that allows the production of an absolutely original and characteristic wine.

Agricola Bellaria has also chosen to block part of the fermentations to a small sugar residue. This means that not all possible alcohol is developed, but a part of the sugars are preserved to compensate for the bitter notes of the Greco di Tufo.

At this point, the wine is racked for the first time to separate it from the lees, that is from the fermentation residues of the deposited yeasts. Batonnages are then carried out for about a month, with the suspension of the lees once a week. This practice contributes to the maintenance of the particular characteristics of Oltre to make its tasting appreciated on the palate.

To complete the whole process, the phases of protein clarification and tartaric stabilization intervene in which the wine is kept below 0 ° to ensure that the turbid substances are retained and do not reach the final stage of bottling.

Finally, the Oltre wine is bottled with sterile filtration at 45 Micron. This means that there is no bacterium that can attack wine smaller than 45,000 parts of a millimeter and is the guarantee of an absolutely sterile wine.

The Greco di Tufo D.OC.G. “Oltre” stands out for its mainly floral tasting notes, in which the flavors of apple and Williams pear prevail, with an important note of melon. It is a fairly fat wine, with a very fresh flavor due to its high acidity. Oltre is the recommended wine for pairing with shellfish, raw fish, soups, white meats but also perfect to be tasted as an aperitif and to be paired with dry pastries.

750ml bottle.

International Awards

–  Gold & Best of Class | Los Angeles IWC 2018 (93 points)
–  Trophy Medal | Trophy International Wine Challenge 2017 (97 points)
–  Silver Medal | International Wine Challenge 2018
–  Silver Medal | Sakura 2018
–  Silver Medal |  Los Angeles Wine Competition 2017
–  Bronze Medal |  Decanter World Wine Awards 2016
–  Bronze Medal |  Decanter World Wine Awards 2017
–  Bronze Medal |  Decanter World Wine Awards 2015
–  Special Mention |  22nd International Wine Competition 2015
–  Bronze Medal |  International Wine Challenge 2015
–  Best Greco di Tufo of Italy |  Luca Maroni 2015
–  86 Points |  WineEnthusiast
–  Bibenda |  2017 

Oltre Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G. "OLTRE"

Technical Data Sheet

2000 plants per hectare
100 ql used 80 ql
Greco in purity
70% exploited 65%
13,5 % vol
Gr. /lt. 6,4
Gr. /lt. 0,41
Mg./lt 34
Hill prata di principato u. 300 m s.l.m.
Espalier – guyot
Manual, in a box, mid-October
De-stemming and crushing, soft pressing. Natural decantation, inoculation of selected yeasts, controlled fermentation at 12-14 ° C, filtration and storage in steel tanks. Tartaric stabilization. Bottling