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International Wine challenge: Agricola Bellaria wines are on the stage

International Wine challenge : Agricola Bellaria awarded again and continues to collect bigger prizes and rewards.

Last but not least was the prestigious “International Wine Challenge“, one of the most important wine competitions in the world, held in the UK.

Agricola Bellaria took a silver medal for Coda di Volpe and a bronze one for Taurasi.

Coda di Volpe was honored in the category of white wines, harvest 2013, while Taurasi was confered among the red wines of 2007.

Doubtlessly, Lush Coda di VolpePDO wine with fruity notes, and seasoned Taurasi, were recognized by the jury.

Having outrid many other wines from all over the world, Agricola Bellaria has actually obscured noble labels that compete longer on the wine market and surely much well-known by the public.

Agricola Bellaria has reached the top charts to climb into the podium, leaving behind Tuscan, Veneto, Trentino and Campania wines, neighbors of Agricola Bellaria.

The jury of the International Wine Challenge is formed of the leading experts in the field.

The process of judgment include steps of tasting by three groups of ten different judges.

All in all, Italy brought home 12 silver medals for white wines of the harvest 2013, 21 silver medals in the category of white wines of all seasons and 2 bronze medals for the red wines of 2007.

Winning a medal at the International Wine Challenge is a significant achievement that makes the impeccable quality of Agricola Bellaria known anywhere.

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