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Antonio Pepe


Linked to the world of agriculture, in which must be traced its roots. Coming from a generation of farmers, Antonio has developed over the years a deep passion for his land.
Entrepreneur, charismatic personality, used to winning impossible challenges.
He began his career in a road safety company, which leads in a short time to become a market leader. Then Antonio achieve experiences in other companies in which continued to play the role of CEO and becoming the manager in charge for production , human resources , with the aim of established team suited to the implementation of winning efficient processes.

A series of positive and random events has created Agricola Bellaria, the extraordinary intuition , combined with strong entrepreneurial spirit , did the rest.
The transfer of management of land owned by the company where he worked , led Antonio Pepe choose to do so by planting olive trees , whose oil was initially used for production destined for domestic consumption. After some time, thanks to oil production growths and given the presence of lush grounds and rich in local vines Pepe decides to start the production of wine to be sold in gift boxes.

Thus it was born Agricola Bellaria, and gradually become synonymous with the highest quality products . Only later Pepe began to consider Bellaria as a main activity, leaded by his lifelong passion to the world of agriculture and for successful companies.

Then Antonio met Raffaele Noviello, the person who would later become the winemaker of the company. His experience, combined with extraordinary competence and skill, have deeply affected Pepe , who saw in him a the key for the success of Bellaria, someone who could create new exciting projects and bring the company to a better quality level.

Thanks to the valuable contribution of  Noviello , Pepe managed to gradually build a real winery , constructing a reality that is a perfect blend of innovation , tradition and quality.