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Land of Passion.


Agricola Bellaria is born from our passion for wine products and the love for Irpinia,
a land worldwide known for its great local vine varieties.

The Maffei Family and Agricola Bellaria

The Maffei Family has its origins in Roccabascerana and has been inhabited for centuries in the historical center, exactly where the centuries-old lime tree stands out, which characterizes and embellishes the image of our cellar.

The Bellaria farm was established by the family’s desire to keep the presence on the territory alive and active, creating economic activity and employment through the exploitation of land owned and handed down for generations.

And it is from the land that the adventure of Bellaria begins, a company dedicated to the internationalization of Irpinia that creates jobs and wealth for the territory, planting vineyards, building new plants every day and exporting excellent wines all over the world.

Between the Partenio National Park and the Fruitful Caudina Valley

Agricola Bellaria produces and exports worldwide top-notch wines.

This course arose combinig our strong bond with this land and our international vocation.

From our Countryside and our Native Vines

That’s how the Irpinian countryside and its local grapes gave birth to wines like Greco di Tufo, Falanghina, Coda di Volpe and Aglianico. Native wines produced with ancient manual techniques that avoid any chemical alteration, according to the company philosophy.

"Agricola Bellaria wants to spread worldwide the culture of excellence, with top-quality wines and natural products locally made in Irpinia"

Passion for our land

The passion for our land and the work in the fields has always been part to our history and tradition. This regional soul comes together with an international spirit in Agricola Bellaria.
Our daily work is driven and inspired by the willingness to bring the natural goodness of our products to tables in the world. Through a years long experience and the legacy of past generations we learned to cultivate the land with techniques that respect the times and needs of the environment.

Tradition and peculiarities of the wonderful land of Irpinia

LOur mission is to create natural products that embody traditions and peculiarities of the wonderful land of Irpinia, with its fruitful and pure green lands and its many native grape varieties. We give the greatest attention to every phase of the productive process, until the bottling of our wines and olive oils.
We’ve chosen to do this the hard way, with daily sacrifice and commitment.

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We keep untouched the genuine traits of our local wines by choosing to avoid chemical agents and to use only high-quality natural yeasts and the minimal percentage of sulphites provided for by the current regulations.

antonio pepe bellaria

Antonio Pepe


Linked to the world of agriculture, in which must be traced its roots. Coming from a generation of farmers, Antonio has developed over the years a deep passion for his land…